We will be open Monday for Presidents Day February 17 , from noon till 4pm.

Store Policies and Procedures

All Sales are final. No Credits. | No Refunds. | No Exchanges. | No Alterations.

                          Sale merchandise is sold "as is" and cash & carry. 

We will gladly steam your garments: 

  • $20.00 short gowns 
  • $30.00 long gowns (knit and chiffon) 
  • $40.00 long gowns (mermaid and ballgown)

Garment bags are available for $30.00 (complementary with full-price  purchase).

Military and EMS Responder discount offers 15% from retail with valid ID.

Seasonal promotions—cannot be combined with other offers.

We are not responsible for knowing your school dress code. Please check prior to purchasing. 


Payment Policies

When you purchase a gown or dress from us, you have two options at time of purchase: 

  1. You purchase the gown in full, and take your purchase home that day!
  2. You can put the gown or dress on layaway. 

If you put your gown on layaway

  1. Layaways require a deposit that is nonrefundable. 

  • If the gown exceeds $300.00, the layaway deposit is $200.00 down. 
  • If the gown is below $300.00, the layaway deposit is $100.00 down. 

Layaways must be picked up within 30 days of purchase date

      Merchandise that is not picked up within 30 days becomes unclaimed property.

If you special order a gown: 

  1. Special orders require half of the retail price upfront, nonrefundable, and must be taken out of the store after 30 days upon arrival.

Fitting Room Policies

You are permitted to bring in 4 dresses at any one time into a fitting room.

  • No gowns on floor or chairs. 
  • Please ask for help with zippers and hooks. 
  • Dresses are to be hung on hooks only.

There are no pictures allowed of our store, our tags, or our gowns.

Once a purchase is made, pictures of the gown or dress are acceptable. 

Private Appointments

When booking an appointment, a fee of $25.00 applies when the appointment is scheduled. 

If you purchase a gown, we will credit the booking fee towards your purchase. 

If you do not purchase a gown, the $25.00 is nonrefundable

If you miss your appointment, the $25.00 fee is nonrefundable